Who we Are

thinkPeople Consulting Limited are human resources consultans based in Nairobi, Kenya. In recognition that people are the most important organisational asset, our mission is to "support organisations in the proactive and effective focused management of their human capital"".

To support this mission, we provide a broad range of human resources advisory support to organisations in both the public and private sector. We create value, maximise growth and improve overall HR business performance through the formation of human management performance improvement strategies, frameworks and practices to identify, develop, attract and retain skilled workers to drive value for organisations.

Our approach is practical and pragmatic. We work with clients to find the right outcome for the type, strategic mandate and objectives of the organisation.

We also work closely with individuals to facilitate self-awareness through our leadership development programme and Executive Coaching. 

thinkPeople delivers its services through a team of highly experienced HR professionals. 

About Us

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