Ladies Influencing their Future Today Mentorship Programme

About the programme

Ladies Influencing their Future Today Mentorship Programme was established in April 2017 and is based on Naomi Mbogua’s fierce passion to inspire young women to believe in themselves and take control of their lives. Having volunteered in the Junior Achievement Life Skills programme at the Kenya High School, Nairobi, Kenya back in 2001, the passion to help girls to learn about themselves and gain the self-confidence to become successful and powerful young women continued to burn deep and strong.

The faith based Programme aims to inspire young women to be strong, smart and bold through direct engagement and advocacy. Our comprehensive approach to whole development equips the young women to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and grow healthy, educated and independent.

Mission: Our mission is to impart life skills and to provide resources that encourage young women to live healthy and fulfilling lives through a candid self-awareness adventure.

Vision: Our vision is to create a generation of young women who are leaders, not followers; in control, not out of control; powerful, not powerless.

Motto: Discover, explore, reflect, learn

Values: Authenticity, Professionalism, Passion and Commitment

Core elements

Our positive outcomes are achieved through three core elements: 

  • People: Subject matter expert volunteers who build lasting, mentoring relationships; 
  • Environment: Women-only, physically and emotionally safe, where there is a sisterhood of support, high expectations and mutual respect; and 
  • Programming: Research-based, hands-on and minds-on, age-appropriate, meeting the needs of today’s young women.


Ladies Influencing their Future Today is offered to women aged between 19 – 30 years.


The investment for the 7 week course is KES 14,500 (inclusive of 16% VAT) for the 7 modules. This amount includes refreshments at the classes as well as a LIFT Manual with the relevant notes, reference materials, electronic templates and exercises.


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