Advisory Services

We support organisations implement changes that improve their efficiency and increase the value of their services. We seek to provide our clients with innovative solutions to a variety of strategic and other challenges that managers routinely face

Reviewing organisation’s structures and recommending structure adjustments in line with organisations strategic mandate and growth strategy

Assessing readiness, willingness and ability to change at all the levels necessary to make organisational transformation successful; identifying levels of capability and commitment to determine how successful organisations will be at adopting new processes, systems, technologies, facilities, skills, organisational structures, behaviours, attitudes and other changes; identifying organisation's change management risks by assessing the high level impact of the transformation on the organisation and the organisation's change history and readiness for change

Developing and/or tailoring HR policies and procedures taking into account legislation, market and best practice;

Assessing the viability of the human resource of organisations undergoing mergers and/or acquisitions; and

Monitoring the execution and implementation of organisational transformation initiatives; facilitating the linking of the recommendations to overall strategic and operational business objectives and plans; using a variety of standard templates and tools to reduce project management associated risks; and through capacity building, empower organisations to manage similar projects in the future.