10 tips for writing a covering letter

10 tips for writing a covering letter

A good cover letter will make your CV stand out from the countless others that pass across an employer's desk. Here are ten ways to ensure yours makes an impact:

  1. The contact person’s name and address as mentioned in the job advert should be clearly outlined as well as the reference specified.
  2. Outline your current job situation and why you want to move on – remember to stay positive!!
  3. Briefly describe your knowledge of the employing organisation to demonstrate that you have taken time to research
  4. Provide an outline of why are interested in the organisation as an employer
  5. Describe why the employing organisation should be interested in you – what value will you bring
  6. Demonstrate clear links between your knowledge, skills, experience, achievements and versatility and the needs of the employer – be sure to tailor the information to the job and employer but do not merely try to match the job description
  7. Avoid repetition
  8. Make sure your covering letter is brief
  9. Take time to proof read your covering letter ensuring that it has no typos, is well formatted and is neat
  10. End by politely expressing your interest in discussing the opportunity further with the employer

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Note that you can include a covering letter page in your CV document when you submit an application.

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